Day 4

Blue Mountain Shelter to Plumorchard Gap Shelter – 23.6 miles – Climbing has begun

I slept in a full Blue Mountain Shelter with six others. Again, not as good of a sleep as I was hoping, but it’s getting better. I was prepared for a cold night, but it wasn’t. I am very stiff this morning and didn’t get out of my bag until 6:30 AM. I taped my blistered heels, ate, and hit the trail before 7:30 AM. I can only manage a very slow shuffle to start. I am sore and tight and it takes about two hours to feel normal. I feel better as the day goes on. 

I pass a shelter at about 2 PM, but decide to keep moving on to the next one. I maintain a slow even pace today. The climbs are tough, but the trail is smooth. It’s the toughest day yet. It feels good to walk slow, yet walk all day, about 7:20 AM to 6 PM. This is a much better strategy than hiking fast and getting to camp in early afternoon and exhausted. 

I’m leaving Georgia tomorrow.


Sunrise and the full shelter is still sleeping. It would be nice viewing this from inside my bag in the shelter, but I have miles to cover. 




Tray Mountain, GA. Elevation 4,430′. Mile 58.1


Tenting at the shelter


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