Day 10

Mollies Ridge Shelter to Double Spring Gap Shelter – 19.2 miles 

Last night was the coldest night yet. I was toasty in my bag even with bare legs (sleeping in my shorts). I see a boar this morning, about an hour after starting at 7:20 AM. The pig was probably 20 feet from the trail before I scare it and it goes barrelling down the hill through the trees and brush. Quite a sight and sound!

I have kind of a down day. I just mosey along for most of the day. My raw, blistered heels feel great with the Compeed Forester Gump gave me last night. However, I should have put moleskin over it as he had said because it had rubbed off by the end of the day. I need to get more in Hot Springs, NC. 

I certainly don’t set a speed record today, but I cover ground and I’m getting closer to home.  There are some great views from the peaks. I talk to Lindsay and Ryder too! This is always exciting! They had a good weekend.

I am going over Clingmans Dome tomorrow, likely in heavy rain. Some hikers here in the shelter said the forecast is 2-3 inches of rain. Some are discussing taking a zero-day…in the shelter! Really?! Someone asks me if I am hiking [tomorrow]. My exact response, “Of course I’m hiking.” It is a full shelter tonight with some section and spring break hikers.

    Near Thunderhead Mountain, NC-TN. Elevation 5,040′. Mile 184.3. 

 Silers Bald, NC-TN. Elevation 5,607′. Mile 194.5.


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