Day 22

Damascus, VA to Thomas Knob Shelter – 28.3 miles

I didn’t sleep as well as I hoped I would. The bed seemed a little short with the head and foot boards and I just never got comfortable. I wake about 6:30 AM and go downstairs to make coffee, eat a muffin and candy, and write in my journal. Bismarck comes into the kitchen to get some fresh coffee.

We leave just after 8 AM, and stop for breakfast at Cowboys, a restaurant inside Exxon, on our way out of town. I get two large sticky buns and eat my Fritos, while Cloudwalker inhales (I don’t think he chews or breathes) his hot breakfast of creamed chipped beef. We are hiking again at 9:20 AM.

It’s a fairly uneventful day. We go over Mt. Rogers (I don’t think the trail goes over the summit, but we are now north of the mountain) to the next shelter. It’s a full shelter tonight and Cloudwalker and I squeeze in the bottom platform so it is easy for us to get out in the morning. There are some spring break hikers, a section hiker, and several thru-hikers. Many are surprised we came from Damascus today, and even started so late this morning.

I have a lot of food, so I eat as much as possible today. Because of my surplus of dinners, I make six servings of Cup O Noodles. I can’t finish it all, so I offer the rest to Cloudwalker.

Hopefully we’ll have a bigger day tomorrow.

Montgomery Homestead Bed & Breakfast, Damascus, VA

Leaf spout for the spring

Wooden trestle on the Virgina Creeper Trail, Damascus, VA



Bismarck recommended we take a couple hour lunch here and enjoy the scenery.  We sat for a couple minutes.



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