Day 26

Jenny Knob Shelter to Comfort Suites, Pearisburg, VA – 32.4 miles

The hiking is fairly uneventful and town can’t come soon enough. The terrain is smooth and pretty easy. 

Once I get to the road that leads into town, I speed the mile or so downhill into Pearisburg. I arrive at the Dairy Queen at the bottom of the descent at about 5:30 PM. 

I am craving a Blizzard, so I head straight inside. I order a large strawberry cheesecake Blizzard. With chunks of strawberry cheesecake, the frozen treat is delicious. I go to the outdoor seating, partly to be respectful to the other patrons inside, partly to enjoy the gorgeous day and to immediately see my family when they arrive. I am so excited! 

In a few short minutes, I finish eating and into the parking lot drives my family. Out of the car pops my sexy little wife. She lets Ryder out of the back seat and he, barefoot, tan, and blonde, sun-bleached hair, comes running up to me shouting “my Dada, my Dada”. He is so excited to see me. He’s followed by Linds and Shelby carrying big, round baby Beckett. It is so fantastic to see them. The boys are so big, growing, and look so different! And of course Linds looks beautiful as always. 

We go to the pizza place next door then to the hotel. It’s great to be together. 

At the hotel, I switch out my cold weather, 15 degree sleeping bag for my 35 degree bag. I’m sending home my down jacket, gaiters, Gore-Tex shell mittens, and some other items. This will reduce my pack weight by a few pounds. I’m in bed about midnight. I’m going to slackpack tomorrow. 


 Kimberling Creek

  Suspension bridge

 Appalachian National Scenic Trail marker 

More easy

Approaching Pearisburg, VA


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