Day 27

Pearisburg, VA to mile 658.2, Comfort Suites – 26.3 miles

We all eat breakfast together and then Linds and Ryder take me to Cross Avenue, where I left the trail yesterday. Ryder doesn’t want me to go; he wants to hike with me. I had looked at my guidebook previously to see if there is a stretch of trail between roads so that Ryder can hike with me, but there isn’t a stretch short enough. We assure him I’ll see him later today. 

I feel lethargic. The first two hours of the day are climbing out of town. There is a lot of rocky, ridge hiking, which makes the pace a little slow. The weather is cool and windy. I’m not real focused on hiking since my family is here. 

Early evening, the crew picks me up at a dirt mountain road crossing and we head to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. On the way down the road, we stop briefly at the mountain resort which was the setting of Dirty Dancing. It’s a nice little resort, but the huge lake is a sorry setting now. Only a very small area of the lake has water. 

I’m very tired. It’s already after 10 PM as I write this, I need to get rest.

Goodbyes are hard. 

  The first deer I’ve seen on the trail. (The only deer I’ll see too.)

Peters Mountain Wilderness, Jefferson National Forest, VA

End of the day


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