Day 34

Paul C. Wolfe Shelter to Comfort Inn, Waynesboro, VA – 5.1 miles 

I stay tucked down inside my bag until after 6:30 AM this morning. Once I got in my bag last night at 6:30 PM, I didn’t get out until this morning. I am warm and dry. A section hiker named Jersey said he will give the three of us a ride into town from Rockfish Gap, where his car was parked. That is nice.

I cook my beef stew for breakfast. This is the only food I have left. It is raining lightly for the five miles to the car. Jersey drops us off at the motel where Achilles and Outlet are staying. They invite me to stay with them or shower there, but I decline. I walk straight to Family Dollar to get some candy and other food. The Pizza Hut buffet starts at 11 AM, so I have about an hour to kill. I use the restroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I purchase and eat some food. 

As 11 o’clock approaches, I walk next door to Pizza Hut; only to find out they no longer have a buffet as we were planning to do. I ask the manager where a buffet is and he directs me to Gavid’s Steakhouse and Family Grill a little further down the street. This is a good place to eat and wait for the family. The family arrives about noon and they eat lunch too. We finally leave about an hour later, after I’d been continuously eating for two hours. 

It is nice to get clean and dry and do laundry at the hotel. A friend of Lindsay’s gave her a large box of MREs. I disassemble them and pull out the good stuff: candy, desserts, drink mixes, peanut butter and jelly, cheese toppings, bread, crackers, etc.

As we leave for dinner, I slide on my Brooks trail runners that Linds had brought for me to replace my worn out shoes. They are too tight! Oh crap. Now we need to try to find shoes in small Waynesboro, VA after dinner. After Chick-Fil-A, we drive around trying to find outfitters or shoes stores. The outfitters are closed and the only shoe store we can find with a selection of trail running shoes is Super Shoes. I end up getting a cheap quality, lightweight pair of Adidas trail runners. They are more expensive than I want to pay for a low quality shoe, but I need shoes to get me home. I hope they hold up for the 202.1 miles to the Mason-Dixon Line!

  My shoes are so rank they stay in the hallway. (I think these shoes are shot, but little do I know they have hundreds of miles left on them and look great compared to the shoes I’ll wear through later.)


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