Days 41, 42, 43

Home – 0.0 miles 

What great days at home with the family. It’s great to relax and to not think about the trail. These are my first zero days and they are much needed before attacking the second half. The house looks great. Lindsay is awesome. My AT map is framed and hanging on the wall, there is a garden full of plants, Ryder’s room is painted, and these are just some of the things that come to mind. She is awesome. It is great to hang out with the boys and Linds for a few days.  

This is only HALF WAY. It’s hard to comprehend. As far as I’ve come, I have that distance yet to walk. 

I order new Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes from Amazon, to replace the cheap Adidas shoes that got me home, and get new socks from Sears. In the evenings, I finish packing the remaining mail drops with more food and adjust my itinerary based on changes from the first part of the hike. 

Over these few days I eat as much as possible to get my weight up a bit. Friday night, last night home, I weigh 190 pounds. That’s a good weight (slightly above normal).


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