Day 44

Pen Mar Road to Birch Run Shelter – 27.8 miles 

At about 5:45 AM, Lindsay and I swing by the Layman house to pick up Steve and we start from Pen Mar Road at 6 AM. Steve wants to hike, so he is going as far as Caledonia State Park. 

I am very slow. I was up late last night finishing my mail drops and then hanging out with Linds watching TV my last night at home for a long time. I’m very tired with only four and a half hours of sleep. I am really dragging and we even take some breaks. Fortunately, Pennsylvania is very easy today. 

I get to the shelter before 5 PM. I wish I was moving better; I would go to the next shelter. Even though this is my first day back, I am very excited to meet the family tomorrow, Mother’s Day, at Pine Grove Furnace State Park and to take on the Half Gallon Challenge. 

This first day back is hard because I’m missing my boys and Lindsay. 

These southern PA shelters are very nice and well maintained.  The shelter is full. Fancy Pants’ parents hike in from the road carrying a bunch of food, water, and beer. They are very generous to share.


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