Day 46

Tenting to Clarks Ferry Shelter – 38.0 miles – New PR

I make great time! I come down off the mountain at about 7:30 AM into a farm field. I am field walking for most of the morning. The trail just follows the boundaries of large, flat farm fields and occasionally cuts through small sections of woods to get to the next field.

I am flying. I miss the road turn into Boiling Springs, but quickly get back on track to cover over 21 miles by noon. Shooting for 20 by 12 (20 miles by 12 PM) has been a goal since the beginning of the trail, and I finally did it. I cover 20 miles in approximately 6 hours. I’ve come close before 18, 19, but not 20 miles. Obviously, this pumps me up. 

In the afternoon, the trail into Duncannon is more challenging that the whole morning. Once in town, I go to the historic Doyle Hotel to get my mail drop and a real meal. I see the deep fried hamburger on the menu, so obviously I need to get it, with fries and many refills of root beer. The owners are very nice. 

With this resupply, I have a lot of extra food now. I need to try to eat it all. I spend about an hour here, eating, charging my phone, organizing my mail drop, talking to Lindsay and owner, and leave about 5:30 PM. It’s only four miles to the shelter, but it’s a tough climb out of town; the toughest part of the day. 

I get to the shelter about 7:20 PM and there is just one other hiker, Farmer, from Quebec.

Covering 38 miles was easy and I even stopped for an hour. Good day!  
 Center Point Knob, original AT midpoint



  Too easy

  Those are wild ducks. 


  Nice and easy

  Near I-81 crossing, Carlisle, PA

  A boardwalk 

  It’s beautiful out here. 

  Walking AT through Duncannon, PA

  Crossing Susquehanna River, leaving Duncannon

  That’s a big, fat toad. 

  View of Susquehanna River


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