Day 49

Windsor Furnace Shelter to George W. Outerbridge Shelter – 33.3 miles – Rocks!

Today marks seven weeks out here! Wow. I start at 5:30 AM. It rained last night and the forest is foggy and dark with rain falling from the trees all morning. 

The rocks are tough today. There are lots of sections of bouldering, climbing hand over hand, and a section called the knife edge, with a pretty good drop to either side. It is tough and slow, and it kills my pace. I get to the shelter at 6:45 PM. I had wanted to get in more miles in order to get to Delaware Water Gap, PA, tomorrow. DWG is at the border of New Jersey, basically, NJ on day 50. It is a good effort and a long day, so I guess I can’t really complain. 

The rain holds off while hiking, but a section hiker who passes the shelter as I am getting settled says the forecast looks like the rain will be nasty tomorrow. He’s continuing into Palmerton tonight to stay at the hostel and will likely wait out the rain tomorrow. (Yet again) I’m asked if I am hiking [in the rain]. What!? Of course I’m hiking! What’s with people!? Being asked if I’m going to hike in the rain has definitely become annoying to me. I don’t care what others do; it’s just annoying to be asked. I have a family I miss very much and the only way I’m going to see them ASAP is by getting home via up and over Katahdin. Therefore, I’m walking everyday: “No rain, no Maine.”

I’m all by my lonesome in the shelter. It is one of the oldest ones I’ve slept in. The metal roof is old, but looks pretty solid. Hopefully it keeps the rain out.

Tomorrow looks to be a tough one, almost 37 miles to DWG over rocks and in rain. I won’t get to Maine if I don’t hike in the rain. We’ll see what happens. 

  Slow going working through these boulders. 

 Foot and ankle beaters


  Another black snake

  George W. Outerbridge Shelter


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