Day 52

Brink Road Shelter to Pochuck Mountain Shelter – 32.0 miles 

It was a surprisingly chilly night, probably in the low 40’s. Today is mentally challenging. I just don’t seem to have it. The weather is gorgeous. My pack is slightly lighter, but still a little too heavy. I don’t know what the deal is. I’m really motivated. Is this the [Virginia] Blues? Does that even make sense? Is the time on the trail finally taking its toll? I sit down about every two hours to eat and to take my pack off, which is something I’ve never done. 

At about noon, it looks like I’m going to have a long day (like getting to shelter after 7 PM). But about 4 PM, when I refill my water and eat a little more, the terrain becomes smoother, the rocks disappear, and I just start rolling. 

There is a boardwalk probably a quarter mile long this morning. 

After noon there is a long road walk followed by a flat access road around Wallkill River National Wildlife Reserve. The walk around the reserve is beautiful late in the day. There is another boardwalk probably half a mile long.  This is followed by a climb up the mountain to the empty shelter. 

I close the last 10 miles well and get to the shelter at 6:20 PM. Great! I can relax a little, eat a ton, and plan tomorrow! It feels good to end the day well. 

As with all days, there are highs and lows, which can vary hourly. If I just keep eating, keep drinking, and keep walking, things will get better. I made good progress today. 

I communicate with Lindsay, and they are coming tomorrow (I just need to figure out where)! It’s unexpected since I saw them a week ago, but great of course. Woohoo! With how fast I’m covering ground, in a few days I will be too far north for them to be able make a drive up to see me. This visit is very likely the last one.

  Good morning again! This never gets old…ever.  It’s going to be another beautiful day on the trail.  

  Above the low clouds

  What a view

  View of High Point Monument, highest point in New Jersey. 

  The AT passes through High Point State Park, but High Point Monument is off a side trail. 


The setting is way cooler than this picture. 

Organic farming. Dumping allowed?


Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge


Difficult to capture the beauty in a photo


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