Day 53

Pochuck Mountain Shelter to NY 17A, Holiday Inn, Chester, NY – 21.5 miles

I take my time getting out of camp since I’m only going 21.5 miles to state road NY 17A, where I am meeting the family. I head out about 5:45 AM. 

The trail is fairly technical again and I take many breaks again to eat, drink, and rest.  During one stop mid-morning, I sit and eat over half a jar of Nutella (which is very easy to do). I’m just not motivated to get up since I have until 3-4 PM before Linds gets to New York. 

I cross into New York early afternoon! It feels great to get another state. New York is rocky, big rocks. There’s lots of bouldering and ridge walking across huge slabs of rock. Thank goodness for nice weather and no rain. These large, smooth, flat rocks on the ridges would be very difficult, if not impossible when wet, with no alternative way around (not that I’d take it). 

Early in the day, I am looking forward to Hot Dogs Plus at the road where I’m meeting the family. I get to NY 17A in the afternoon and walk the road west toward Bellvale and to my disappointment, the hot dog stand is closed! So I keep walking up the road to a homemade ice cream shop, Bellvale Farms Creamery. I get some ice cream and have a seat outside at a picnic table and enjoy the beautiful country view as I wait. 

An older lady starts talking to me about my thru-hike, but mostly about her childhood experiences hiking with her father. She has with her a picture of her and her father atop Mt. Katahdin when she was in her teens. I was very surprised, with her being from this area, that she did not know the trail head was literally about a quarter mile up the road. 

A short while later, Lindsay and the boys show up. We never communicated where to meet, but she figured I was here! Ice cream; good guess. 

It’s obviously always great to see them. I miss them very much. They get ice cream too and then we head to the hotel. On the way, we stop at a dollar store so Lindsay can buy me a shirt and shorts to wear. At the hotel, I get cleaned up and Lindsay does my laundry before we head to dinner. It’s almost 8 PM by the time we eat and pretty late before we go to bed. Tomorrow will be a zero day.

New Jersey boardwalk

That’s weird. 

AT North

Appalachian National Scenic Trail marker

Eight states down, onto New York

Prospect Rock, highest point on AT in New York

View of Greenwood Lake from Prospect Rock

819 miles to go.

Closed!? What’s today, Monday?


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