Day 58

Ten Mile River Shelter to Pine Swamp Brook Shelter – 25.7 miles – Re-energized?

I wake to no rain and I’m hiking at 5:30 AM. By 9 AM it is humid, which makes the air feel hotter than 65 degrees. This is how the last three days began too. 

I get to CT 341 and walk less than a mile into Kent, a preppy little town, to the yuppie “outfitter.” Thankfully my package is here! I order a hot dog, root beer float, and drink the protein drinks in my mail drop. I charge my phone and try to FaceTime with Linds, but no luck.

I sit about an hour here and then head up the road back to the trail. I am off the trail for about an hour and a half, but I feel good, ate a bunch, and the weather is nice now: few clouds, 75 degrees, and the sun is out for the first time in three days. 

It looks like my feet are finally going to dry out…until I have to ford a brook. It’s the first ford of the trail, about 20 yards wide, knee deep, and freezing cold.  

I’m shooting for the campsite at 28± miles. It looks doable even with the Kent stop. Then, about 5:10 PM, the sky just opens up. Rain again! I’m about half a mile from the shelter and get there about 6 PM. I come up short [of the ‘goal’ shelter], but I am dry (and this is how I most want to be right now, which is why I stop). I arrive to a couple and two other guys out here for the long Memorial Day weekend. They have completely taken over the shelter with gear and wet clothing hanging all over the place. I kindly ask if there is room for me (obviously there is). I don’t care if they are annoyed. I get situated against the left wall. Sorry I’m smelly and wet. Not. 

A nice sunny day like this sure does lift the spirits from where I was yesterday. Tomorrow should be nice too.


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