Day 59

Pine Swamp Brook Shelter to tenting at mile 1,510.2 – 30.0 miles

Gorgeous day! I’m not sure what it’s been lately, but in the mornings, I’ve not been hiking very well. Tired, fatigued, eating too much, not enough water, I don’t know. I keep up with the eating and drinking regularly, anyway, and about 2 PM I start feeling energized and better. 

It’s a dry day, but my socks and shoes remain wet. About noon, as I’m road walking along US 44, toward Salisbury, CT, I need to stop. The sun is hot and I’ve had enough of these wet feet. There is a nice grassy lawn at the entrance of a wealthy (based on the cars entering and leaving) neighborhood with a nice big tree to provide shade. 

I lay in the cool shade with my feet, shoes, and socks drying in the hot sun. Surely, someone is going to stop or come out of the house (wishful thinking), but no one does. Thirty minutes later my feet, shoes, and socks are completely dry. This is the first I realize my hiking socks are destroyed, big holes in both heels and balls of the feet. I put the dry stuff back on and now my dry feet feel amazing; much better. 

Much better, until an hour later when I slip off a rock while crossing a stream and my right foot gets completely submerged. Awesome. 

There are some great views in Connecticut and Massachusetts, which I enter into this afternoon. I pass a southbound day hiker who stops me and says he’s a former thru hiker. He talks to me a few minutes and gives me a frozen Snickers, which he had just in case he came across a thru-hiker. He talks and talks; I am trying to get away. He recommends I stay at Upper Goose Pond Cabin. I hadn’t considered it since it is a ways off the trail, but who knows what I’ll think when I get close. He says I’m still a day and a half away. It always amuses me when others tell me how many days away I am from something. [This time it turns out to be almost right; a big day and a half away.]

There’s a good climb about 5:30 PM. It seems like it’s been hundreds of miles since there’s been a tough climb. I hike past the shelter to tent further up the trail to get a solid 30-mile day, rather than 29!

Low clouds

Two very long, single bridge threads of silk. Neat. If only I was a better photographer…

Now, usually I catch spider webs in the face, either because I’m the first hiker of the day (I clear the webs for all others who follow. You’re welcome. ) Or I’m the only hiker; it’s a gauge of hiker traffic volume. This web I duck beneath and carry on. 

Housatonic Valley Regional High School, Canaan, CT. The AT follows Warren Turnpike Road right in front of the school. 

Giants Thumb

Welcome to Massachusetts. Barely pause long enough to take a picture. Final four states. 

Mt. Race

Mt. Everett


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