Day 60

Tenting to Upper Goose Pond Cabin – 34.4 miles

As I’ve said before, but maybe not always done and need to do better, I need to take advantage of days like this: light pack, nice weather, and long daylight hours. 

I feel better this morning, maybe because I try something different. I do not eat Pop-Tarts first thing and I do not overeat early in the day. I feel good all day. The terrain is challenging, but I still make good time. 

Late in the day I push hard to make it to the cabin before too late and I get here at 7 PM. It’s half a mile off the trail, but I figure it’d be nice to stay here. This is a cool cabin and it’s only for thru- and section hikers. 

Good mileage today has me feeling good. Get them while you can! 

The privy gives me a good chuckle as I’m using it, because it has directions (on the inside of the door so it can be read while sitting) how to use the two serving spoons and the two holes: one for pooping and one for peeing with different directions for men and ladies. 

The cabin has volunteer caretakers who rotate weekly. Each week, food is brought in by canoe from across the pond and trash is packed out. This week there is a nice older couple. They feed me leftover blackberry pancakes and a bowl of carrots and celery with my dinner, because they “know how thru-hikers miss fresh food like this”. 

They inform me that they make blackberry pancakes and coffee for breakfast. This sounds good, but I tell them I’m out early, by 6 AM, so they don’t need to worry about feeding me. The older guy asks what time I’m going to get up and he says he will have coffee ready for me! How generous?! 

They are shocked I did 34 miles today. There’s only one other guy here, a section hiker, teacher from Howard County, MD.

I determine I will shoot for Katahdin in 83 days, which means 28 miles per day to the end. This will be very tough. Possible, I don’t know. But that’s my goal.

It’ going to be another beautiful day on the trail. Hiking as the sun rises. Never…gets…old. 

What’s not to love out here? 
Shays’ Rebellion  marker. I have a flashback to eighth grade American history class. 

The forest is awesome. Smooth, downhill trail, I’m darn near running. 


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