Day 63

Congdon Shelter to tenting at mile 1,632.2 miles – 29.4 miles

Oh boy, is it a zero energy day. I didn’t sleep well at all and I really needed the rest after a long day. It was cold last night, 40’s, and I didn’t wear long pants or socks to sleep. I wake in the middle of the night to put on socks, but I should have put on pants too.

From the start, I know the day will be rough. My stomach is not having it, again, but I keep eating and drinking.

There is not much to see of Vermont: rocks, roots, mud, one view from power lines, and lots of “big deer poop,” which I can only assume to be moose.

Since I am feeling rough, I focus on hiking sections well, like shelter to shelter. I hike well for two four-mile sections between shelters, and finally get wind, not second wind, but first, at 4:40 PM at Story Spring Shelter. I take advantage of this turnaround and try to push as far as I can until 7 PM. I am able to salvage the day, having covered 28 miles. It feels good to know I can push through and do 28 miles while feeling like crap for 11 hours.

I am ‘stealth’ camping tonight. But is it really ‘stealth’ if my tent is literally two feet off the trail? The way I see it as this point: no one is near me, I hike later in the day than anybody, and I’m out earlier than anybody, so nobody will see my tent right next to the trail, and I’ll leave no trace. It doesn’t appear to be a problem.

Green Mountain National Forest, VT

Glastonbury Wilderness, Green Mountain National Forest.

Hiking the Long Trail

End the day at the top of a climb and tent next to the trail.


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