Day 64

Tenting to Big Branch Shelter – 31.5 miles

What an easy day! I sleep fantastically. It was starting to get cool before settling in last night, so I layered up before hitting the sack, and I had a great sleep.

The weather is gorgeous again. Blue sky all day, but I can’t see much of it due to the tree coverage. I kind of just coast along without anything really standing out.  After noon, I look at my watch and realize I haven’t even gone 20 miles yet, a little too casual. I start hiking with more intent. I go over a ski mountain, but I don’t know which one.

Rain and thunder start about 3 PM and continue for two hours. Just after the rain, I go over Baker Peak at 5:30 PM. What a view! The mountains are so green. I get to the shelter and see that it is “full,” but know that it’s not at capacity (although it looks like there is no room). I ask if there’s room for one more and I squeeze in the left side.

The “hikers” in the shelter are a group of English literature students from University of Michigan who are here in New England while studying New England literature. They are fascinated I’ve hiked this far and we have some conversation and I answer some questions. I’m in my bag as they circle up for a ‘classroom’ discussion on the other side of the shelter.

Maybe I’ll shoot for the lodge in Killington tomorrow!?

Stratton Mountain: the summit on which Benton MacKaye conceived the idea for the AT

Stratton Pond


Lye Brook Wilderness, Green Mountain National Forest, VT

Ski slope


Ski Slope


Ski slope


Peru Peak Wilderness, Green Mountain National Forest, VT

Big Branch Wilderness, Green Mountain National Forest, VT


View from Baker Peak

View from Baker Peak

Green, wet VT forest


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