Day 65

Big Branch Shelter to Churchill Scott Shelter – 31.4 miles 

I sleep great. This is the third consecutive day of waking at 4:40 AM, five minutes before my alarm. I feel great all day. My pack is light, since I’m one day from resupplying. It’s gorgeous again with blue sky and temperatures in the 60s. 

I have some trail magic! In the middle of the Vermont woods I see a sign for trail magic, directing to the stash a few feet off the trail. I drink the last can of Mug root beer (root beer!) and I have some candy: 2 pieces of Bit-o-Honey, and 3 Fireballs. 

The seven-mile climb in the afternoon is tough, with the last two miles being the toughest in a long time. With any luck I could have made it to Killington, but that does not happen due to the last afternoon climb. I ford four brooks and the water is frigid. 

It’s another solid day and I arrive at the shelter at 7 PM. I’m the only one here. I have phone service, but I can’t get ahold of Linds. 

I have only five miles to Killington in the morning.

Hundreds of cairns 

I add a cairn to the collection before continuing up the trail. 

View of Rutland Airport

Per usual for trail magic, but I’m even more surprised by it today. What a feeling to see and to enjoy unexpectedly. 

So good. 

Plush trail. 

What an awesome mile marker to see. Only 500 miles and less than three weeks to go!

Trail debris on a late afternoon climb


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