Day 66

Churchill Scott Shelter to tenting at mile 1,723.1 – 28.0 miles

I’m hiking at 5 AM, kicking it up a notch. It’s a quiet five miles through Gilford Woods State Forest Park past campsites, by Kent Pond to Mountain Meadows Lodge. I arrive at the lodge about 7:30 AM.

The lady worker lets me into the lodge to get my mail drop and new shoes from Amazon. I smell the amazing aroma of breakfast cooking and ask for whom (because a few days ago when I called, the owner said he cooked only for guests; turns out that’s not the case.) She asks if I am interested in staying to eat. Ten bucks for buffet; of course I’m in. I can’t pass on breakfast. Her only request is that I don’t interfere with the guests. There is only one couple here and they are considering the place for their wedding venue. I understand, and I sit in the furthest corner, yet I make frequent trips to the buffet.

I eat several bowls of Captain Crunch cereal, yogurt, and fresh fruit, glasses of orange juice, coffee, and milk, and plates of eggs and bacon. I am stuffed. I leave feeling full, but good.

Vermont seems to kick it up a notch also. There’s a steep climb from the lodge up Quimby Mountain and the climbing seems to continue for most of the day. There are some shorter, steep climbs and the descents are steep too. It is a solid day, even with the two-hour delay for breakfast.

I need to kick my game up a notch. Since I hit my mail drop location this morning, I end the day only 20 miles to my next resupply.

New Hampshire tomorrow!

Five miles left on these. I’ve had them since the Mason-Dixon Line.

Good morning Vermont

Location, direction, and mileage check

Kent Pond. I wish I had a wakeboard right now.

Mileage marker leaving the lodge

Tenting just north of gravel, Bartlett Brook Road


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