Day 67

Tenting to Moose Mountain Shelter – 31.0 miles – New Hampshire!

I’m already cranking by 5 AM. I have to get a move on to Hanover, NH Post Office and cover 10 miles out of town. I am absolutely cruising into New Hampshire. 

After crossing the White River in Vermont, I walk the street through town, and I pass an old man loading his truck in his driveway. He asks me where I started. 

Me: Georgia. 

Man: You’re the first thru hiker I’ve seen this year. 

I cross the street to talk to him. 

Man: Where you from, Baltimore?

Me: No, western Maryland. 

Man: What do you do for work?  

Me: I’m a civil engineer. 

Man: Are you a track man?

Me: I used to be. 

Man: 880? 

Me: Yeah. 

Man: You look it. You still run? 

Me: Yeah, more distance though. 

Man: Marathons? 

Me: Yeah and some ultras. 

Man: [chuckles] Man, you can’t hide. Man, how many days you been out?  

Me: 67. 

Man: Going for a record?

Me: No. 

Man: How many miles you doing? 

Me: About 30. 

Man: [chuckles] Man, you’re an animal! 

He says good luck, we shake hands, and I’m off again. I really want to ask him for a cold soda, but I don’t. I also could have talked to him a lot longer. He’s a very nice, knowledgeable, old guy; reminds me of Granddad. 

Nearing the end of Vermont, the trail dumps onto a road and about five minutes down the mountain I spot a mailbox with a small cooler beside it. I need (hoping) something cold. And there’s watermelon inside. I take a moment to down three slices and then keep trucking downhill. 

It’s another gorgeous day, but now, out on the unshaded road and sidewalk, I really notice the heat. The road leads into Norwich, VT, a quaint little town, with awesome, well-maintained, 100-year old houses. It’s a long, hot, 90-degree, road walk to Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. 

I pass the VT-NH state line on the bridge crossing the Connecticut River at 12:45 PM and I’m at the Post Office by 1 PM. This Ivy League school town is nice; it feels like Georgetown. The trail goes right through town. 

After getting my resupply organized on the floor of the air conditioned Post Office lobby, I walk a few blocks to Ramunto’s Brick & Brew Pizzaria where AT hiker’s get a free slice. I buy two more slices and a soda (multiple refills of root beer, of course). I talk to Lindsay as I eat. 

After eating, I hit the street and once again my pack is crazy heavy with a six-day resupply.  After back in the forest, the five-mile climb to the shelter is quite uncomfortable and takes two hours, 5-7 PM. With this heavy pack, the coming days are going to be tough.

The day is dry, but the morning dew on the knee-high grass soaks my legs, shoes, socks, and feet as I cross this field. 

Great, cold watermelon trail magic before leaving Vermont. 

New Hampshire! Two states to go!

Road walk to Hanover, NH 

View from Moose Mountain, South Peak


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