Day 73

Carter Notch Hut to tenting at mile 1,895.5 miles – 23.7 miles

I wake at 5 AM as Lucas starts cooking breakfast for the guests. I have a couple cups of coffee and Pop-Tarts. He gives me two thick, greasy pancakes for the road. They are great. I head out just before 6 AM.

I arrive at the White Mountains Lodge & Hostel at 2 PM to pick up my mail drop. I am really looking forward to soda, ice cream, and snacks, as noted in my guidebook. The caretaker is excited to tell me they opened today for the season, yet when I ask about the food and soda, he says they don’t have any. This annoys me. Are you really open for business if you don’t have what you should have if you say you are open for business? He offers me a ride to town to get some things, but I need to get back on the trail. I just ask for a cup of boiling water so I can make one of my dinners. I eat, pack my food, and I’m off.

I hike until 7:30 PM, over 20 miles, but I am excited to finally get out of New Hampshire tomorrow. It’s been nothing but frustrating, partly my doing, partly the terrain. Hopefully Maine gets better, but it’s going to be really hard to hit 30 miles per day here on out. But I’m not giving up.
The morning 1,000-ft climb out of Carter Notch. The hut is the green rooftop just left of center near lake.


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