Day 75

Tenting to tenting at mile 1,939.1 – 25.4 miles

I’m hiking at 5 AM.  After a morning one mile climb in one hour, I am very excited to see the descent is smooth downhill.  I feel like I am running.  There are many miles of walkable trail, the most of either New Hampshire or Maine so far.  I stop at Frye Notch shelter, right along the trail, to skim the journal.  Cloudwalker signed it on 6/1 [nine days ago]: “ME is harder than NH.”  Yes, yes it is. 

I need more food.  The terrain is hard, it’s requiring more energy, more calories, and longer days.  On a climb this evening, I’m beat and ready to stop.  The terrain continues to go steeply up, and off-trail is not getting any clearer to pitch my tent.  I top a climb and there is about 100 feet of flat trail before it goes up again.  I stop right here and set up in the only clear space for a tent: right in the middle of the trail.  Once again I tent in the trail.  This is often the best surface around (And isn’t it the least impact?  Better than creating more impact by going off trail, right?) 

I am able to talk to Linds for 20 minutes and she is going to add more food to my final mail drop in Caratunk, Maine…and she thought she was finished seeing those workers at the Post Office!  I need to get to the Post Office no later than 11 AM on Saturday or I’ll be sitting, waiting for Monday morning.  I’m still pushing for 83 days, but I need some good days ahead.

AT woodwork 

ME wilderness 


Maine wilderness: awesome. 


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