Day 79

Pierce Pond Lean-to to Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to – 18.7 miles

I am able to sort of sleep in and have a lazy start since I can’t catch the ferry until 9 AM. Robo and I leave at 7 AM for the quick, four-mile hike to the river. 

We arrive at 8:30 AM, hoping that the ferry will start early, as I’d heard sometimes happens. No luck. The ferry comes across on time. I sign the waiver and jump in the canoe first to paddle across the river with the ferryman. It’s a strange feeling having to use my atrophied arm muscles to paddle against the swift current. 

Once reaching the opposite bank, it’s just a few minutes road walk to Caratunk, ME Post Office and I arrive at 9:15 AM. I get my package and make myself at home on the porch with my food bag, meals, and mail drop contents spread over half the porch and my wet tent draped over the railing. I rest and eat as much as I can. I dig into the gallon size bag of no-bake cookies. They are amazing, as well as the other goodies, like Gatorade, protein drinks, and Father’s Day card. [Father’s Day is tomorrow.] I almost forget to ask the Postal worker for a fork, since my spoon broke. Thankfully she has one in her car. 

Yesterday wore me out. I can feel it: low energy. It was a long day. 

I charge my phone and talk to Lindsay for a while. She is arranging my flight home. It looks like finishing Thursday, June 19th with short mileage on the final day is the best case scenario and I’ll fly home Friday. Talking to Linds and planning my return transportation are two important items because I don’t think I will have another opportunity (cell service) until the summit of Katahdin. 

It’s still raining. Passing locals say the rain is supposed to stop this morning, but it’s still raining. I finally pack up, refill my water at a house across the street and head back into the rain about noon. 

Shortly after restarting, the rain finally stops for the afternoon. The trail is slow. It is really difficult when wet. The steep terrain and wet roots and rocks are slow going. I’m constantly slipping. I finish the day with only about 19 miles, but I did have to wait for the ferry and I spent a lot more time than expected at the Post Office. There’s not much else I can do when I include these two things. 

I need a few good days now! I’m just going to keep putting in the time and see what happens (The late set 83-day goal is sliding away). 

I think I ate too many no-bake cookies at the PO. Wait, never mind; I don’t think one can eat too many. My lover’s cookies are so good. I get to the shelter just before 8 PM. Chainsaw is here. I haven’t met him yet, but I’ve seen his name in the logs and know I’ve been reeling in Robo and him. These two guys may be the only NOBO thru-hikers between me and Cloudwalker. 

The shelter is full of SOBOs and Chainsaw makes a spot for me next to him. He’s the only one awake. Some of these SOBOs have not learned etiquette or use common sense, which is irritating at times. One has his tent set up in the full shelter, but even more annoying is that it is perpendicular to the sleeping arrangement; therefore, it’s position is taking up more space than it should. I have come and will be gone while these SOBOs are sleeping.


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