Day 80

Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to to Wilson Valley Lean-to – 32.4 miles 

My, my, my, what a pleasant day in Maine…after the rain ends about 8 AM. So, I make sure to get my falls in between 5 and 8 AM before the rain stops. 

One particular fall is pretty funny. As I descend a steep slope, I slip, slide down the drop, and land on my back on a large rock and I’m turned perpendicular to the trail. I am draped backward, like a turtle on its shell, over the rock and I can’t sit up or roll over with my heavy pack, so I have to unbuckle and slip out of my pack in order to get up. I have to laugh at this.

The clouds finally clear about noon and by mid-afternoon, the sky is clear and gorgeous. Maine is so nice. The trail is drier and walkable. It’s my first nice day in Maine. At 3:30 PM I enter the 100-Mile Wilderness, the home stretch. I pick up the pace a little. 

I get to the shelter just after 8 PM. It’s a good day, over 30 miles down. Hopefully the next few days will go as well as this one. One hundred four miles to Mount Katahdin. It looks like Thursday morning I’ll reach the summit. Eighty-three days is out of the picture, but 84 days is good too.
Wet trail after days of rain

One of the many ponds

Words of caution before entering the 100-Mile Wilderness

…Or three days of supplies…


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