Day 82

Carl A. Newhall Lean-to to Wadleigh Stream Lean-to – 40.4 miles

It’s (nearly) the last chance for a big day. So I do 40. Maine has stuck it to me for days, so I stick it to Maine. 

It’s a beautiful day. I go over White Cap first thing this morning and then it is all flat for 33 miles. I pass some SOBOs who say they saw Cloudwalker last week in Millinocket. They say he finished in something like 65 days! I’m not so sure about that, but maybe that is possible. 

I get to the shelter at 9 PM. I’m surprised it’s just me here; no SOBOs. As I’m in my bag, writing in my journal, I hear a moose trotting back and forth several yards in front of the shelter. I shine my headlamp, but can’t see anything through the rain. It’s too bad. I have not seen a moose yet. 

I have 33 miles to The Birches tomorrow, then 5 miles up Katahdin. Almost there!


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